Mombasa, Kenya

Get to Mombasa, Kenya

Sun, sand and sea define Mombasa as a top coastal tourist destination of choice. Mombasa lies on the Eastern coastline of the Indian Ocean. The city is famed for its vibrant Swahili culture, good economy hotels, delicious exotic sea foods and idyllic beaches. It serves as the gateway port to East African countries of Uganda, Southern Sudan and Rwanda thus it is an important economic hub. It is served by Moi International Airport that ensures ease in local and international travel. Mombasa town prides itself in a whole range of social activities that you may choose to do including a beach tour, scuba diving, snorkeling , swimming, visiting archaeological sites and historic monuments.

The Healthcare Experience

The Coast Provincial General Hospital; A teaching and referral hospital and the 2nd largest hospital in Kenya with 700 beds capacity; provide a unique opportunity for extensive hands on experience for students in clinical years and an intensive shadowing experience for pre-health students under mentorship of local professional healthcare staff.

We also give you the choice of experiencing a private hospital setting through our partnership with Bomu Hospital.

Mombasa Highlights

  1. The sun and Sandy beaches of the East African coast
  2. Experience the eerie of nature at Haller Park
  3. Visit key historical sites in the city such as the Fort Jesus
  4. Take city tours to experience the Swahili culture, visit curio shops and enjoy the Swahili cuisine
  5. The thrill of Scuba and Snorkelling
  6. Go on weekend excursions to Malindi

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In the words of our participants
The Convivial Encounter with Elective Africa

Living in Mombasa with the other students was such a great place to be outside of the Hospital it gave you a base to explore shops and cafe. The social side of my elective was the other part that was important to me and I have enjoyed meeting and spending time with the other participants so much. I really like that it is an international mix. I have also enjoyed all the time I have spent with the staff around Mombasa. I think working in a hospital in Africa can feel like throwing yourself in the deep end but it was a plunge I'm glad I took and I hope I'll be a better doctor for it.

Rose Grover
Cardiff University
Enchanted with Mombasa

The whole experience here was so fun exciting, new and completely captured my heart. Mombasa is an amazing City with wonderful people. If I could I would have extended my program longer. I thought 4weeks would be long but it went by too fast. This program is amazing and this experience has taught me so much from the Medical field but in life and culture. A piece of my heart will be left here in Kenya and I have to come back again.

Katie Lobban
Colorado State University
Forget Injuries, Never Forget Kindness
Before arriving at the Elective Africa residence we did not know what to expect, but as soon as we arrived and was greeted by staff, we felt welcome. The program was very well organised, We were given an excellent orientation of the hospital and area. Elective Africa contributed to the great experience we had in Kenya, We were able to make friends with not only the multiple international students at the residence but also with the staff. We thoroughly recommend the program in Mombasa, Kenya, the program exceeded our expectations and contributed to one of the greatest experiences we have had in our lives.
Simon Ho Thomas Yang and Andrew Albantow
Deakin University
My Edifying Experience with Elective Africa

This is a great program, and I would recommend it to anyone looking to broaden their horizons, expand their worldviews, and experience new cultures, all while contributing to the community through volunteer work…I stayed in Mombasa for 7 ½ weeks, and experienced beautiful sunny weather, warm sandy beaches, and very friendly people.

Emma Moulton
Brigham Young University

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