Kisumu, Kenya

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Stretching from the Nandi escarpments in the east to the Kano plains in the middle all the way to the hills of the west is Kisumu our destination. This county sits right at the shores of Lake Victoria. The fishing Adventure, the sandy beaches, the evening bird watching completes this destination as the supreme tourist destinations in the western circuit of Kenya.

Kisumu Highlights

Kisumu is a quite pleasant city and there is a much more relaxed atmosphere with much less traffic than in Nairobi. The proximity to Lake Victoria gives the town a special feel and it is fascinating to wander along the shoreline to explore the daily life of the people here.

It is the stronghold of the Luo tribe. It neighbors Siaya County, which became the center of attention as the American President Barack Obama was elected, as his father was a Luo and came from this part of Kenya. It is easier to do a day trip to Kogello village, the home area of Mama Sarah Hussein Obama, the grandmother of the US President.

Key Highlights

  • Kisumu is the largest city in western Kenya region and second most important city after Kampala in the greater Lake Victoria basin.
  • Kisumu came from the Luo word “sumo” which literally means a place of barter trade”.
  • During the British rule, Impala Park now sanctuary was called Connaught Parade. Measuring just 1.0 km2 making it one of Kenya’s smallest wildlife preserves.
  • Kiboko Bay, a small tented camp and restaurant situated right on the lakeside offers an option of dining as you watch the sunset over Lake Victoria

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A Pleasant Time in Kisumu, Kenya

Elective Africa have been very professionals throughout my experience in kisumu Kenya( jaramogi oginga odinga referral and teaching Hospital). I was assigned for a coach in practice Salome, who made sure that I was safe, comfortable and made sure I had a pleasant time in my Placement. The coaching practice quite often dropped in at my place of placement and also make sure that I got access to the things I need, recommended and also provided me with the Theatre scrub which I was struggling to acquire. I would recommend Elective African to anyone.

Jackline Otieno
Gloucestershire university

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