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Business School Treks/GIPs

Elective Africa Business School Treks; Career and Adventure treks are the international study tours undertake by graduate students aimed at improving their international interest experiences and part of experiential learning program.

Elective Africa through its association with Cytonn Investments, an investments and real estate company, with offices in Nairobi - Kenya and DC Metro area - U.S. organizes graduate programs aimed at offering students simulations into real business challenges, which is an opportunity to put classroom learning into action. These can be company consulting projects, industry immersions and summer asosicate internship programs.

These programs are aimed at providing the graduate school students with an opportunity to meet and network with drivers of the our economy as well as learn on the different business cultures, operations and economic developments unique to this region. 

It is not just all about travel, learning and networking but also about unwinding and having fun through cultural and adventure treks, safaris and a climb to Mt. Kilimanjaro for ardent climbers.


Our Partnerships

As a portfolio company of Cytonn Investments Management Limited (Cytonn), strong partnerships have been cultivated with companies in various sectors of the economy. This ensures that you're not only guaranteed of easy access to the organization's top executives to undertake your consulting project immersion program but also assured of meaningful engagement.

Cytonn is an investments and real estate company, with offices in Nairobi - Kenya and DC Metro area - U.S. Cytonn is primarily focused on offering alternative investment solutions absed on four main products: real estate, structured solutions, private equity and advisory to global institutional investors, individual high net-worth investors, local institutional investors and diaspora investors interested in the East-African region. 

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Kenya the regional hub for trade and finance in East Africa is one of Africa's post-colonial success stories; relatively prosperous, comparatively stable and host to many international organizations.

With a GDP of 5.9%, Kenya is one of the most industrialized countries in East and Central Africa providing opportunities in five major sectors: Agribusiness, Information and Communication Technology, Energy, Infrastructure and Construction and Medical equipment amongst others.

A free market economy, favorable government laws, easy access to credit indicators and its strategic position in the region makes Kenya the most favorable destination for foreign direct investments (FDI) and business. (World Bank Report, 2016)

The above describes why a trek in this region is a must take for any MBA student.

Destination Kenya

Why Consider a Business Trek to Kenya?

Undertake simulations in this emerging market uniquely known for its economic vibrancy.

Broaden your understanding of global business culture through the Kenyan lens.

It is an opportunity to get an inside scope on industries of interest through visits to prominent firms within each industry.

Gain Skills to critically examine and solve challenging global issues by meeting key stakeholders to understand and learn from their wide range of perspectives.

A trek to Kenya provides a dynamic view into the many economic opportunities and untapped markets open for exploration.

A trek to Kenya is not just all about travel, learning and networking but also about unwinding and having fun through cultural and adventure immersions, safaris and a climb to Mt. Kilimanjaro for ardent trekkers.

Your Package

  • Through Cytonn's Cytonn Summer Associate Program, matching graduate school students to companies to deliver on study tour or project parameters which includes project consulting, company study tours and other simulations into real business challenges.
  • Elective Africa will customize your accommodationand local transfers to corporate offices including airport pick up and drop off as per individuals or group budgets and plans
  • Safari/Kilimanjaro Trek (optional adventure treks)
Business School Immersion Treks

Global Consulting Projects and Treks

Are you looking to go global, experience uniqueness of business operations around the world and immerse yourself in local culture, busk in the wild on safari; book a global trek with us and let us plan for you all the details.


Or call us at  +1 (609) 375 8912 to learn more.

One of our most memorable Trekkers

The Chicago School of Business Experience

A group of 15 MBA students from University of Chicago Booth School of Business all set to learn on the diversity of business in Kenya while having fun, took a 7-day journey visiting companies in the different sectors of the economy. These included: Equity Bank, Capital Markets Authority, Nairobi Securities Exchange, Retirements Benefits Authority, Emerging Africa Capital, Africa Development Bank, Aureos, Centum Investments Limited, Fanisi Capital Limited among others.

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