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When you think of a perfect getaway into a world of its own, think Africa. Think Kenya, think Tanzania. A land of vast tropical forests to trail, expansive savannahs for safaris, tipping tall mountains to hike and deep blue seas with a wonderful marine life to snorkel. We redefine educational travels by connecting you to the fastest growing economies and highly innovative cities to learn, work and network.

How diverse and vibrant cultures, people and heritages blend with modernity and still maintain their authenticity expressed through elaborate clothing and jewelry, lively language, tasty food and humble demeanor is amazing. It offers one a notable people-experience, you cannot afford to miss out on this.


Some call it a hub of safaris and differentiated nature walks, others make reference to it as the nucleus of humanity where variety of culture interacts to give birth to an educative experience. A dramatic and highly photogenic country, Kenya is a hugely varied land of plains and mountains, beaches flanked by coral reefs, alongside lively tribal culture and possibly the most crowd-pulling wildlife on the planet. In some respects, this one small country essentially encompasses all Africa. The blend of diversity, vibrancy in culture, world class infrastructure in place and conceptualized are a notable experience. The hospitality of the populations makes it stand out as the ideal place for your visit.

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The Experience
The Experience


Tanzania is the rich land of the tropical forests, savannahs, grasslands, mountains, great lakes, sandy beaches, coral reefs and Safaris. Most spoken languages are: English and Kiswahili. Enjoy the unlimited tourist attractions and activities like hiking the largest mountain in Africa, Mt. Kilimanjaro, hot air balloon in the Serengeti and snorkeling in the Indian Ocean reserves. Explore the World Heritage Site of Stone Town, in Zanzibar or relax in it’s clear, turquoise-blue waters. Tanzania is home to rich and fascinating cultures, religions and people.

In the words of our participants
Forget injuries, never forget kindness

Before arriving at the Elective Africa residence we did not know what to expect, but as soon as we arrived and was greeted by staff, we felt welcome. The program was very well organised, We were given an excellent orientation of the hospital and area. Elective Africa contributed to the great experience we had in Kenya, We were able to make friends with not only the multiple international students at the residence but also with the staff. We thoroughly recommend the program in Mombasa, Kenya, the program exceeded our expectations and contributed to one of the greatest experiences we have had in our lives.

Simon Ho, Thomas Yang and Andrew Albantow
Deakin University
An Invaluable Experience

My time at the Mbagathi District Hospital in Nairobi was a challenging but enriching experience. I split my time between the paediatric and newborn units and the hands-on experience I received was invaluable. The doctors were friendly and approachable and willing to explain anything you didn't understand and the resilience and resourcefulness of the staff, often in dire circumstances, was incredible to witness.The program is well organised and the program coordinator in Nairobi was excellent for answering any queries I had and checking that everything was running smoothly. I would highly recommend this program to any senior medical student who is looking for a safe, enjoyable and highly practical elective program with the benefit of immersing yourself in a new culture!

Grace Maina
University of Adelaide
Migori Experience

My time here in Migori,Kenya with Elective Africa program has been the greatest experience of my life.I have been on the fence for quite sometime about whether or not I wanted to pursue a career in Medicine but wasn't sure where I would get the inspiration that I needed…David was such a great Program Coordinator. Our experience wouldn't have been near what it was without his expertise and connections.I always felt very safe,comfortable and entertained.Thanks for exposing us too to the community health aspect.

Renee K. Bartlett
Memorial University
An Incredible Learning Experince

My four weeks at Mt.Meru Regional Hospital OBS&GYN Department have been an incredible learning experience.The doctors and staff have been welcoming and willing to teach.The department is extremely busy and there lots of opportunities for hands on including deliveries. Where Elective Africa really shines is with their program Coordinators. Our Coordinator in Arusha has been outstanding. He has gone above and beyond to make our experience here unforgettable. I would recommend EA to any Senior Medical Student looking to do an elective abroad.

Elyssa Metas
University of Arizona

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