Our Ambassadorial Program

Our Ambassadorial Program

Ambassador Program

At Elective Africa, we have opportunities for individuals willing to share in our mission of connecting students and volunteers with their dream of a meaningful placement in under-served communities in Africa while experiencing the vibrabce of a new culture.

Earn a fee, from US$50 by building relationships with students and faculty members on campus and to represent Elective Africa on events in your host country - U.S, Europe, Canada and Asia.

Its simple to join our brand ambassador program and share your first hand experience, if you have been on program with us with prospective participants.

If interested in being a representative abroad and get paid for it when you send us clients, please get in touch with us at workforus@electiveafrica.com.

Medical (US)
Medical (UK)
Physician Assistant (US)
Medical (Norway)
Pre-Med (US)
Medical (US)
Pre-med (US)
Nursing (Australia)