Dental Electives Abroad

Dental Electives Abroad

Dental electives are clinical placement programs undertaken by students in dental school designed to allow students the opportunity to vary their curriculum according to individual interests by having practical experience in a location of their choice. 

The famous American comedian Bill Cosby was right when he said, “Dentists tell you not to pick your teeth with any sharp metal object. Then you sit in their chair and the first thing they grab is an iron hook.” 

After all, they should be the only ones who are allowed to.  The Global burden of dental health is for dentists all over the world. A report from the World Health Organisation states that oral diseases as affect around 3.58 million people in 2016. Access to oral healthcare is a basic human right and is an indicator of the overall health and standard of living. 

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Dental internships are a perfect way of positioning yourself to this global problem of oral healthcare while gaining some unique experience at the same time. It is a win-win situation for anyone who is looking for a different kind of exposure to culture and social experience.


Why undertake your our dentistry elective abroad?

  1. Dental experience

Most organizations organizing your internship will provide you with hands on dental experience under supervision in a different social and cultural setting.  At Elective Africa Students are able to work under a dental professional a minimum of five hours a day with an option of extending as one pleases. TCreating an international network - Interns who travel abroad are able to interact with not only the locals but with other interns from all over the world. A typical program will include other students from other countries and can establish contacts that can be advantageous to one’s career. 

  1. Cultural awareness 

With rapid globalization it is just a matter of time before we become global citizens. Working currently requires some cultural diversity. Be in front of the curve by strengthening your soft skills such as communication and developing your positive attitude.

  1. Adaptability

If you can be able to work in a foreign country that has a foreign culture and foreign people you can easily adapt to whatever changes you might face in your future career.

  1. The fun and travel

Finally, another major reason to intern abroad is obvious, get to see those places that fascinated you. You will definitely get some photos and memories to keep and cheer you up.


What are the requirements?

The dental elective requirements depends  on the level of studies one has or what level of career because even practicing doctors can go for a dental experience abroad. 

The most common requirements include an up to date visa depending on the country you are going to, your current curriculum vitae and a letter from your school showing that you are a bonafide student of the school.. For a practicing dental doctor, you will need your dental practicing certificate and approval form the local practitioners body.

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Dental electives abroad are a good opportunity for everyone looking to get out of their comfort zone, gain valuable experience, get to travel and have fun in the process. 

At Elective Africa, we encourage you to travel with a friend, a classmate or a group to make your experience more enriching. The world is waiting for you and it could definitely do with more smiles to go around.

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Have you participated in a dental elective abroad or are looking to go for one? Share your questions or  experience with us! – Elective Africa


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