Pre-Dentistry Internship Programs

Pre-Dentistry Internship Programs

A Pre Dental Internship program is a  dental health volunteer program designed to prepare students who are on a pre-dental track program, this being in addition to taking courses that would be prerequisite to a dental school application. 

Pre Dental students are encouraged to consider volunteering opportunities in a hospital or dental clinic to gain exposure in dental health so as to gain a better understanding of their field of interest and gives them an opportunity to gain practical exposure and a better clue of what career is right for them. 

They are also encouraged to join a school organization such as a pre-health club or association and participate in extra-curricular activities both related and unrelated to dentistry so as to broaden their knowledge and development. This provides an added advantage to students who are looking to stand out from other applicants.


Why undertake your Pre dentistry abroad?

Undertaking your pre dental internship abroad will give you an edge in your dental school application due to a differentiated experience. You will realize that dental health is not only a problem for your community but a global issue as well. There are therefore numerous opportunities to gain experience, not just from your home country but in other countries

The dental health shadowing exposure you will get while abroad will include preventive dental care, dental health educational activities, common pediatric and oral care procedures, dental health screening, teeth extractions, root canals and scaling, maintenance of dental equipment and other support duties all under mentorship and supervision.

Undertaking your pre dentistry internship abroad also allows you to interact with dentists and other students with similar interests. This expands your circles and gives you that global perspective when it comes to treating patients in the future. Begin to cultivate relationships with people who could be valuable to your career growth and path.

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Another reason is the cultural aspect of the medical internship abroad. If there is a critical soft skills required in the workplace today is that of the ability to deal with diverse cultures. This will enable you to relate to people from a variety of backgrounds. You also get a chance to enjoy different ways of living including food, learn a language and hear different kinds of music among other cultural experiences.

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A pre dentistry internship abroad program will also allow you to participate in unique public service activities which may not be available in your own country. For example, you have the opportunity to donate your time or resources to children home or hospitals. This may be complemented with gifts that a student is able to carry such as books and toys for children or funds to buy small supplies for donations while on program.

Finally, you get a chance to see the world and have fun. Many institutions that organize your pre dentistry internship abroad will provide you with an opportunity to go for safari trips. At Elective Africa for example, we give you a chance to go for a tour on the Maasai Mara reserve to see the big five animals or to go hiking on Mount Kilimanjaro.


It is no doubt that a pre dentistry program abroad will look good on your school application. Dental admissions committees are usually interested in your practical exposure in your field of interest, diversification and your participation in public service. This will demonstrate not only your confidence and your adaptability to the world but it will show your discipline and uniqueness as an individual.

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