How We Plan For Your Healthcare Placement Life Abroad.

How We Plan For Your Healthcare Placement Life Abroad.

Once you have reserved your spot for an healthcare internship abroad with us, we start the process of planning for your placement at your placement destination. We make us of every detail and information that you have give us to provide you with an awesome unique experience.  


1)What do you want to do and where do you want to do it?

In respect to your area of study among the pool of healthcare professions, we note the program that best matches your area of study and the destination you are interested in. We proceed to reach out to our mentors who will be assigned to you and have them prepare to have you onboard in the clinical rotations and engage you in the various activities that there is to undertake..


2) When is your start date?

Starting dates are important, it helps us plan out for your stay properly and focus on giving you the best experience on ground. We plan everything starting from your arrival at the airport where somebody will be waiting to pick you up and everything that will fall after that day – for instance your local orientation day at the hospital and local tour trip in destination town.


3) Where will you be staying?

Nothing feels quite amazing as having a place to sleep, wake up, eat and relax after a long day  at the placement center. Our accommodation facilities offer a unique home away from home feeling. We make sure that you will have a well-balanced diet, security , access to internet  weekly laundry services and transport to the placement hospital on the working days.

We aspire to encourage a sense of community and we do this by having you live with other like-minded interns or volunteers onboard.


4) What other activities will you engage in?

For your off hospital activities we plan interesting places that you can visit  in your program locations. You will get the chance to visit the animal sanctuaries, children orphanages, local community schools and great hangout joints.  We offer Swahili classes to our volunteers so they can interact with the local community and understand more on the local culture .


5) When are you leaving?

When your healthcare internship program is about to come to an end, we are keen to review your stay with us and give you a chance to also get to review our programs.  If you have any school paperwork you need done we help get it done so you can leave the program well prepared to pick on the next chapter of your studies with enthusiasm.


Join us in experiencing a meaningful and hospital experience abroad.  It surely will be a rewarding ,enriching adventurous and a great learning experience for you.

by Elective Africa

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