Gap Year Volunteer

Explore the World. Impact Lives.

Gap Year Volunteer

On a gap year volunteer program, obtain great insights of the career life you want to lead by immersing yourself in various projects, appreciating the world outside while discovering the richness of giving back and helping others. Utilize your talents, develop new skills and explore a new place. You will not only be equipped with experience and knowledge for use in future career, but it is a changing point your life.

Education Improvement

Onyalo Primary School lies at the heart of the rural community in Migori with classroom populations up to 60 pupils. A project in this school would include teaching, building desks, reparing the windows to provide the kids with a more condusive learning environment. Volunteer as an individual on a gap year and or summer school expeditions and provide the education development improvement and through inspiration and confidence that is passed on to the children, spend time with the children for their personal development, adding a global dimension to their education.

The impact you will make
  • Desk making
  • Adding to the pupils stationery to enhance the pupils learning
  • Teaching sciences, conversational English, music & arts
  • Physical education, life skills training and guidance and counseling
  • Sports coaching and dancing classes

The impact you will make
  • Part of the fee paid by our volunteers goes to sponsoring this children’s education
  • Directly constructing beds and renovating the accommodation house for the kids
  • Teaching, elementary child and parental care
  • Empowering minors to be self-reliant i.e. life skills lessons and motivational speaking

Childcare and Orphanage

Elective Africa partners with Emmanuel Children's Home. This Center welcomes orphaned and vulnerable children who have either lost their parents due to the HIV/AIDS epidemic or are being cared for by ailing grandparents.

Healthcare Projects

Health and education go hand in hand. We value our healthcare placements at Migori County Referral Hospital and St. Joseph Mission Hospital for health care and pre-health student. Public health outreach programs in the community will make a difference. This includes health campaigns on hygiene and prevention of infectious diseases.

The impact you will make
  • Offer the most required support to improve the delivery of healthcare services.
  • Creating awareness on proper sanitation & hygiene to reduce malaria and cholera outbreak
  • Providing education on prenatal care during pregnancy, testing and treatment for HIV and safe delivery by a skilled attendant
  • Medical clinics and child immunization
  • Door-to-door jigger eradication campaign

Who can take part in this?

Gap Year Students
Health Degree Students and Pre Health Students
Career Break
Gap Year Students

Fresh from High School or taking a break from college studies

Health Degree Students and Pre Health Students
Career Break

Persons looking for a break from the old routine or want to reinvestigate their career by trying something new


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