Pre Midwifery Shadowing Opportunities Abroad

Pre Midwifery Shadowing Opportunities Abroad

Are you looking to start a successful career in Midwifery? A pre midwifery internship abroad is a great starting point.

Not only will it give you unique medical insight in global healthcare but also midwifery experience and a chance to learn and get mentorship from qualified midwives, nurses and doctors.

You will get to shadow healthcare professionals during the clinical care of different patients in clinics, theatre and ward rounds. This will in turn give you a real life exposure in midwifery and the activities involved.

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Hospital(s) with Shadowing Program/ Midwifery placements Abroad:

Midwifery shadowing abroad in a healthcare facility with inadequate resources and rotating in different departments in the maternity ward will give you certainty of choice of study after the pre midwifery courses. 


Midwife Student Shadowing Program

A midwifery student shadowing program with Elective Africa will give you a chance to observe activities like; 


  1. Deliveries (Natural births, C Section)

  2. Taking patient samples, pulses, temperature and blood pressure

  3. Caring for and assisting women in labor

  4. Identifying high risk pregnancy

  5. Providing information, emotional support and assurance to mothers and their families in events of miscarriage, termination, still birth, neonatal abnormality and death.

  6. Antenatal and postnatal care

  7. Minor surgical processes and

  8. Medicine administration


Midwife Shadowing

Under the watchful eye of your mentors you may be allowed to perform trivial activities such us: interpreting x-rays, simple bandage dressing, assisting patient movement and many more simple clinical procedures. 

Midwifery shadowing internships is expected to increase your competitiveness in getting into nursing school by giving you midwifery work experience/  how to become a midwife. This will in turn strengthen your medical school personal statement and also get supporting statement from hospital mentors.

You will also participate in Q&A lessons where mentors will share their hospital work experience, explaining in detail patient condition and answer questions on treatment and traditions and customs surrounding delivery in Africa.

During free time there will be an opportunity to take advantage of the destinations many possibilities tours, safaris and excursions. 


Volunteering Abroad

During your program you may volunteer in local schools and communities by teaching reproductive health and hygiene thus a very rewarding experience.You can also give back in local orphanages and children's homes by sharing quality time through cooking, teaching, games etc.


Who can take part in the program?

Midwife shadowing/ medical shadowing abroad with Elective Africa is open to anyone. Students below 18 years need a written consent from parents. 


Application Steps:


  1. The first step is to send an application at

  2. The next step is the payment of the reservation fee equivalent to $350.

  3. The last step is the submission of the essential documents for the customisation of the placement at the hospital. This documents are your certificate of graduation, CV (Resume) which details your skills and lastly is a statement of the objectives that you want to achieve in the placement depending on your desired areas of rotation.

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