Nursing Electives Abroad

Nursing Electives Abroad

A nursing elective is a clinical rotation that nursing students undertake as part of their nursing degree to support and grow their career in the nursing field.  A nursing elective abroad offers registered nurses, and nursing students an opportunity to gain hands on experience abroad in a new healthcare system and a new culture.

During a nursing elective program with elective Africa, a nursing student will work with nurses and medical professionals  under supervision and mentorship during their rotations in hospitals, clinics or volunteer medical camps depending on the nature of the program. 

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We provide placements in Kenya or Tanzania through the various hospital partnerships that we work with and our destination choices range from Urban to rural and coastal destinations.

Elective Africa's nursing elective allows you to consolidate your skills as well as gain experience in the delivery of nursing care while under mentorship and supervision.

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Our Nursing Elective Placement is tailored for you to cover the following key areas:

  1. A new and different healthcare system perspective As a result of limited human and infrastructural resources, different diagnosis, management and treatment procedures and systems and different diseases unique to your placement destination.

  2. Hands on experience under supervision on various clinical skills due to limited human resources.

  3. Learn to be innovative and resourceful through handling tasks that are beyond the nursing career as well as complicated cases.

  4. Exposure into the managing of unique conditions only read in books such as tropical diseases.

  5. Shared learning through interaction with other nursing students on elective with you and nursing officers educated in different systems.

  6. A tailor made placement to suit your personal interests and guidelines laid out by your university.

  7. Professional mentorship from healthcare professionals at the hospital who act as your go-to person while on placement.

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To give you more insight into our nursing elective program kindly go through our Nursing Elective Booklet.


Why a nursing elective With Elective Africa

A nursing internship abroad helps to develop confidence and resourcefulness. You learn about different health care systems and services, engage in practical skills applicable to the nursing profession,experience diversity of people and gain cultural competence skills,learning alternative techniques of providing patient care,give emotional support and advice to patients and family members as well as getting Involved in community work.

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