Experiencing The Life of A Nurse Through The Eye Of A Nursing Intern

Experiencing The Life of A Nurse Through The Eye Of A Nursing Intern

The role of a nurse cannot be underestimated in the delivery of healthcare. In no doubt when you are sick and admitted at the hospital, by your side will be a nurse committed to identify and take care of your healthcare needs. In many ways, what a nurse does is similar to what our parents/guardians did for us when we were kids. They nurtured and cared for us during various stages of our lives. Nurses therefore play a vital role in making sure that a patient’s overall recovery is progressing smoothly thus their role and priority begins and ends with your well-being

Nurses often work as part of the professional healthcare team that includes doctors, therapists, midwives, counsellors and social workers just to mention a few and recent research has shown that a big percentage of health services are delivered by nurses. In the developing world the role of nurses is broader and often goes beyond the routine care of patients.

As noting that nurses are the backbone of the healthcare system, below are some highlights of our nursing elective and pre nursing shadowing internships participant’s experiences in our Kenya and Tanzania locations

“…I don’t think anything could have prepared me for what I would experience. It was a roller coaster of emotions, both good and hard, but it was truly life changing and something I will hold close to me forever. All the doctors and nurses went out of their way to ensure I was a part of the team and got me doing procedures I would never be able to do back home. I will forever be thankful for this experience, and I believe it has made me a stronger nurse. I will definitely be back. Migori County has stolen my heart!!!!” Amy Ward – Charles Darwin University, Australia

“At the hospital, I was rarely a bystander; I developed practical skills, which at home in England, I did not have the chance to learn and the momentum of the hospital experience carried me towards trying something I had not previously considered in Midwifery. I was honored and delighted to have the chance to help deliver babies and gain hands-on experience in this area.” Jake Prested – University of York, United Kingdom

“As a pre-nursing student from the United States, I was able to do things at Coast General that I wouldn’t be able to do here. I helped in the labor ward with giving injections, delivering babies and placentas, and cutting the umbilical cords. Seeing how different the healthcare system in Kenya was compared to the US helps to make me a well-rounded nurse. Getting such hands on experience before starting nursing clinical helped me when I was being taught them this past semester. The doctors and nurses are able to communicate with you, but may have some broken english.” –  Rosanna Korejko, Towson University, United States

“The ER experience was absolutely amazing. I learnt so much. The doctors wanted to keep me and show me how they work and what they see on a daily basis. The nurses were kind and welcoming and they let me work. Everyone answered all my questions. Anthony also made sure I was included in his department and was welcomed.

I am still working in the ER. It is amazing. The doctors are fun and easy to talk with. The nurses are kind. Today I was starting an I.V. (Branula) on this young man with a Broken ankle. I would get it just under the skin and he would pull away. The doctor was helping hold his arm. I talked to the pt about relaxing. Finally, he did and it went right in. The doctor said she never heard someone talk to a or like that. She was amused. We are learning from each other” –  Kyle Howell, University of Colorado – United States

A nursing internship with us is therefore a customised placement that allows you to consolidate your skills as well as gain experience in the delivery of nursing care while under mentorship and supervision. Interested in the program? Speak to us at info@electiveafrica.com and one of our placement advisors will get in touch with you.

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