Key Skills You'll Gain From Interning Abroad

Key Skills You'll Gain From Interning Abroad

Not many dare to invest in themselves by endeavoring to get out of their comfort zone. However, if you've ever thought about applying yourself in such a way, we urge you to look deeper into it. Chances are, you'll discover facets of your personality that you never thought existed. Taking an internship somewhere far away will be challenging, don't get us wrong. Nevertheless, the reward that'll come with it is more than worth the effort. There are many skills you'll gain from interning abroad, some expected and some a bit less so.

1. You'll learn to adapt

One of the greatest gifts you'll gain from interning abroad is embracing diversity; the ability to adapt to somewhat unusual situations. No matter which one of the many available international internship programs you choose, you'll have to act differently than you usually do. You'll be surrounded by new people from different cultures and backgrounds, and you'll need to find a way to co-exist with them. Although this can seem overwhelming, especially if you're an introvert, you'll find a way to cope with it. What's more, you'll get out of the whole experience ready to take on any new situation that life throws at you. We're all capable of adapting; we just need a reminder sometimes.

2. Improve your problem-solving abilities

If you take a gap year to volunteer abroad or a medical elective, you may face a couple of challenges. Some will be easier to go through, and you'll have no problem dealing with them. For example, securing the right paperwork in readiness for your travel or trying to learn a foreign language.  However, depending on what your strong suit is, you'll probably need to dig a little deeper to come up with some solutions. This is where you'll improve and build upon your soft skills in the process. Even though some tasks may seem too unfamiliar and impossible to solve, you'll ask for help, do some research, and, eventually, come up with a way around the problem. The more frequently you do this, the better you'll get at it. 

3. Muster confidence 

While on the subject of going through unfamiliar situations and triumphing, they'll benefit you beyond the apparent experience you'll walk away with. Although it may not count as one of the skills you'll gain from interning abroad since it's not technically a skill, acquiring confidence will aid you greatly through many situations in life. The experience you'll gain along the way, both by making new friends and obtaining knowledge, will make you a much more confident person. 

4. Enhance your communication skills 

Something that we certainly don't do enough of on a daily basis is leaving our comfort zones when it comes to communication. If you enroll in one of the volunteer programs in Africa, you'll have no choice. You'll not only meet a significant number of people through these programs, but you'll also need to communicate to get by daily. What's more, the work you'll do will probably go alongside some teamwork and maybe even public speaking during our weekly discussion sessions. These experiences, regardless of how uncomfortable they are, will shape the person you'll become and ultimately your career. 

5. Learn an additional language

Another one of the skills you'll gain from interning abroad is learning a second language. Of course, this won't be expected of you, nor will you be able to thoroughly acquire a second language, all while trying to get through your internship. However, all our programs have Swahili lessons to encourage cultural appreciation and improve your communication skills abroad. 

6. Learn about a different culture

Apart from learning a new language while in Africa, you'll undoubtedly learn a lot about its rich culture and incredible people. Immersing yourself in all this country has to offer is the most fantastic way to experience it. Everything from food and music to folk stories and customs, you should try and soak in. Of course, chances are you won't like everything that you try and come across, but there'll surely be some things that stick. Once your internship abroad comes to an end, you'll be happy to bring some of these reminders with you.

7. Optimize your organizational skills 

There are so many situations in which you'll need to show excellent organizing capabilities during your time abroad - not only when it comes to the internship itself, but also all that your going away will entail. Especially if you are planning to stay abroad for a long time, international relocations require a lot of preparation. You'll need to set a budget, hire movers, and so much more if you wish to make your relocation a success. But if you do everything right, it will undoubtedly be a breeze. 

8. Pick up on healthy habits

Another potential benefit from this will be some healthy habits you pick up along the way. Whether it's a confident attitude that you'll apply in the way you live your life or even a healthy exotic meal you'll learn to make, your habits are what make you the way you are. 

9. There are some more niche skills you'll gain from interning abroad

Of course, something that goes without saying is that you'll also gain skills in whichever field you're interning in. Even if you have some previous experience in the matter, you'll still learn a lot of new information and tricks that you'll later be able to use. 

One of the key program aspects of our medical internships abroad is working in an under-resourced healthcare facility serving huge populations. Doctors, therefore, rely on innovation and inventiveness to deliver care. 

 If you're enrolling in our business programs, you'll get to see how the infrastructure gap in East Africa breeds a competitive disadvantage on the global stage. 

10. A chance to unwind 

Of course, the skills you'll gain from interning abroad are numerous. There'll be so much that you'll take back with you and remember for the rest of your life. However, it would be great if you also looked at this as an opportunity to experience and enjoy a whole new dimension of your life you wouldn't have otherwise experienced. Letting go and having some fun will make the most unforgettable memories. 

Make sure to always stay safe and don’t leave your friends behind. 

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