How to Pack for Your Study Abroad in Kenya?

How to Pack for Your Study Abroad in Kenya?

 If you've signed up for an abroad program in Kenya but haven't started to plan your departure, it's about time. Don't wait until it's too late and you begin to panic. Start planning all the necessary parts of your relocation so that you can relax and soak it all in once the day is here. If this seems like a big undertaking, relax, there's no reason to worry. If you begin preparing on time, you'll be just fine. Luckily, many people have done this before you. Make sure to do enough research and find advice that suits your situation. One of the bigger things you'll do is pack for your study abroad in Kenya. We've prepared a checklist that should clear up some of your doubts.


Copies of all your important documents are a must

Once you begin to plan for your international program, there'll be various documents you'll need to deliver. Once you start to pack for your study abroad in Kenya, the essential thing is to bring copies of those documents with you.

  • Passport

You should bring at least three copies of it if you accidentally misplace it. Keep your passport at home and carry a copy in your wallet when you go out.

  • Proof of your medical record

Vaccination history/medical record should also be on your priority list. Of course, yellow cards are ideal! 

  • It's better to be safe than sorry

Bring your contact details. They'll come in handy in case of an emergency. Write down your Coordinators' emergency contact numbers, your Program Officer's contact information, a "buddy," etc. on a little card. If you plan to bring it, you can also make a duplicate digital copy in the notes section of your phone.


Clothing and accessories

Of course, something that no one ever forgets to bring is clothing. However, you should pack the right types of clothes to make sure you're prepared for any occasion Kenya can throw at you. These are some items you should definitely bring, but many forget to.

  1. "Going out" clothes - You never know where you might get invited to.
  2. Cotton clothing - Layers are ideal - there is typically a significant temperature change from day to night.
  3. Clothing and footwear for hiking
  4. "Nicer" attire - You should wear something that's both comfortable and presentable in class.
  5. Your preferred brands - Bring make-up, skin-care, snacks, and so on. You may not be able to find the same brands as in your native country.
  6. Sandals and closed-toed shoes
  7. A flashlight
  8. Ziplock bag
  9. Electronics
  10. Cell phone - Take a cell phone that's been unlocked with all the SIM card options.
  11. Laptop
  12. Downloaded movies/TV shows
  13. Converters and power adapters

Don't forget prescription medicine

Something that many people neglect when packing for their study abroad in Kenya is to bring any medicine that they'll need. As you know, there are equivalents to most medications, no matter the country you're in. However, if you need a prescription to pick up the medicine, you won't be able to do so in Kenya. While you're planning and organizing this bit, make sure to go through all the specifics. If your medication needs to be refrigerated, for example, make sure to prepare for your trip accordingly.

Things you shouldn't bring

There are also some things that you should probably leave behind and not pack for your study abroad in Kenya. The reasoning behind this can be anything from not actually needing it to it not being allowed in the place you're heading to. Here are some examples:

  • Spices and plant products - Most of them are readily available in supermarkets
  • Stationery -  It's so easy to find wherever you're going.
  • Large sums of money - Take your credit card instead. Keep in mind that going to a foreign country is a great chance to start building good habits when it comes to spending.
  • Anything that could be construed as a weapon is, of course, prohibited.

Don't forget to have fun

Once you're finished packing for your study abroad in Kenya, you should find a way to relax. Many people make the mistake of taking this trip too seriously. Don't be one of them. You're going to this incredible place and should enjoy it as much as possible. It's essential not to forget the fun activities that Kenya offers. In addition, make sure to document them somehow so that you can look back on these memories.

  • Journal Start keeping a journal immediately! It's the ideal method to remember your trip, and it's also a fascinating opportunity to reflect on your emotional journey!
  • Camera  As you know, taking a picture is the best way to capture a moment.
  • A selfie stick  Although not essential to pack for your study abroad in Kenya, it'll come in handy.

International relocation

If you're not merely packing for your study abroad in Kenya, but are planning an international relocation, there are some things to know before starting this journey. Aside from packing all the essentials, you must prepare yourself for the culture shock that'll inevitably await you. However, if this is a decision you have your mindset on, don't let possible hardships scare you. Kenya is an incredible country that's worth getting to know.

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