Six Habits That Will Make You Succeed In Medical School

Six Habits That Will Make You Succeed In Medical School

Med school life is a really exciting time for a med school student pursuing their studies. It is filled with moments of success and moments of stressful challenges.

These challenges can be overwhelming and force you into making regrettable decisions. However they can be overcome with good habits aimed at ensuring you succeed.

Practicing the following six habits Is a nice starting point to you keep working towards achieving your goals and make the most out of your time in med school life.


1) Being Dedicated.

Being dedicated to a purpose and working to make sure that you achieve it; is one of the greatest feeling one can experience. Because nobody can take away the effort you have put in place to being committed to something. Have in place good study habits with numerous study methods and stick to it and never give up on it. Don’t deviate from it. If you are sick; get some rest so that you can get rejuvenate, thereafter resume your study schedule.  


2)Positive Attitude

In whatever you end up doing, always  consider how your attitude will affect your mentality. The need to be positive in school starts small and proceeds to greater magnitude depending on what you want to achieve. Treat every course or unit that you are doing with an open mind. Create a habit of being positive always. Always have a mindset of “it can be done” or “I can do it”.


3)Exceeding Expectations

When we wake up, when we go to class, when we go to the lab or when starting your healthcare internship. You have already defined a path that you want to engage in. This is what expectations would best be described as. Expectations vary depending on time, place, situation and role. As an individual you can best exceed your expectations by looking at what you want to achieve on separate situations. Connect with the professors that are involved in what you are studying. Make them a reference point in regards to your expectations. Go an extra mile, take a leap of faith and do that which is unexpected and make it a “wow” factor even for yourself.  


4) Creating A Knowledge Strategy

When you are knowledgeable you won’t be hindered from achieving your goals in med school. Understand the importance of researching and hence allocate your efforts to gaining knowledge and implementing what you have gained. Don’t overload your schedule but instead spread it out.


5) Good Decision Making

How best to manage your workload in school is affected by your ability to make good decisions. We make decisions based on how we feel, how we are thinking, how we are influenced and so many other factors. Decision making comes into play when determining when you want to study, what you want to study, who are your study buddies, extracurricular activities to engage in and so forth.


6) Practice, practice and practice.

Make it a habit of looking for hands on experience in the labs. This gives you the opportunity of  being a master in whatever you want to achieve. You can find these opportunities that provide for lab experience in the school notice boards, science department or speak with  health/academic advisors and express your interest in gaining lab experience.


Success is a process that is natured and take times. As a medical student we feel that you should be enlightened and know how you can make the most out of your med school. From the words of Steve Jobs we share what he believed is the definition of success being  “If you really look closely, most overnight successes took a long time.” Consider this your cushion against falling and use it to succeed.

by Elective Africa

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