How an Internship Abroad Can Help Boost Your Resume

How an Internship Abroad Can Help Boost Your Resume

One thing’s for sure - having work experience is much more important than having the job itself. Why is that? The thing about having industry experience is that it can significantly affect your future career and the goals you wish to achieve. It puts you in a much better position from where you have the luxury of choosing where you want to work. And your best chance of getting there is through internships.

Recently published statistics showed people with internship experience have a higher chance of getting a job. However, the odds of getting that same job are even better for someone who has completed an internship abroad. So, what’s the deal? It’s simple - an internship abroad can help boost your resume! It is something that all employers love seeing in that curriculum vitae. If this piques your interest, keep scrolling down!

Gained Experience 

As mentioned before, one of the biggest benefits of doing an internship abroad is gaining that much-needed experience. Experience is what lands you that job! 

The best part about internships abroad is getting the chance to test out different 'dream jobs' of yours before you even graduate. You can try out many different career fields until you choose one you really like. And, when you do choose it, you have the opportunity of learning from the best. 

Finally, doing all of this will show that you have the willpower to work on and improve your practical experience while also not being afraid to leap into an entirely new environment. All of this can help you boost your resume. 

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You will Become Independent and Adaptable 

No matter what kind of internship you will choose for yourself, one thing is for sure - all your skills are about to improve. However, we are not talking about professional skills only (of course, they are the ones that will improve the most). We are talking about personal ones, such as independence and adaptability. These two skills can only be found in all great resumes! 

A significant boost in your independence and adaptability is something you can accomplish only through challenges - by leaving your comfort zone, leaving everybody and everything you are familiar with, and moving to a completely different country to study. You will be 'forced' to be more independent and adaptable if you do this. Of course, it will be hard initially, but in just a couple of weeks, you can proudly say that you mastered these personal skills, and thus, you can write them in your resume. 

Diving headfirst into an entirely new environment is incredibly scary, no doubt about that. So, if you choose to move to a completely different country, do yourself a favor, and prepare well. Draft a solid relocation plan and a timeline, and carefully research your new home and neighborhood. Finally, it’s best to rely on US professionals for international relocations to avoid all moving-related stresses. It will be challenging, but the benefits it could bring are worth the trouble. An internship abroad can improve your resume, sure, but it will also help you become the best possible version of yourself, and that is something no employer will have an easy time passing up. 

You will Learn a New Language 

You have probably heard of that French saying - 'A man who knows two languages is worth two men.' So, it goes without saying that learning a new language through an internship abroad can help boost your resume. It is simple - the more languages you speak, the more valuable you become in the business world, and the higher your are chances of landing that dream job. Job applicants who have a language listed in their skills and have that language skill backed up by their internship abroad are much more appreciated than those who only have a language course. 

According to many experts, one of the best ways to learn a new language is by living in the country where the locals speak that language. And what you need to know about our international internship programs is that we offer language classes to our interns. So, you can learn a new language (a new skill) from the natives, and you can practice it with all the locals. 

You will Become Culturally Fluent

Maybe one of the critical skills you will gain from interning abroad is cultural fluency! So, let us dive into this fundamental term a bit. Namely, cultural fluency is when you become deeply familiar with a culture of a country that is not yours. It is when you develop a relationship with that culture. All of this will give you a competitive advantage over somebody else applying for the same position. This is especially important when applying to companies and positions that require good communication across various cultures and countries. 

By being a part of an internship abroad, you will gain this cultural fluency. When you write this in your resume, employers will see a person capable of working in international companies or on international projects. 

Cultural fluency will also show that you are somebody who can work with other people, people of different nationalities and walks of life. This is a skill that can help boost your resume, a skill that is wanted and expected in many companies nowadays. 

Final Word 

As you have seen, an internship abroad can help boost your resume in many ways. Whether that be gained experience, skills such as independence and adaptability, a new language learned, becoming more culturally fluent, etc. These are just some of the things you can get when interning abroad. But the truth is, you will gain so much more out of it. For instance, you will be more respected by your colleagues, your current and future employers will appreciate you more, and your chances of landing virtually any job you want will be a lot higher. Thus, if you have an opportunity to intern abroad, take it. Of course, do a lot of research before - you need to make sure you are taking an internship that is the best for you and your future career goals. 


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