From the moment I landed in Mombasa we were greeted by our Director and soon to be friend. I immediately felt at ease.We had flown to Kenya the day after the Garissa attack, an event which made me worried to be near. It was Phares and Benson who made me feel at home in Kenya. Overall a great country full of great people battling many challenges which may sink a weaker nation. Corruption from public officials, violence from a neighbouring country and the complete poverty of the lower class makes life difficult for the Kenyan people. A lesson I learned at Makadara (CPGH) was the ability to improvise, use the unbelievably small amount of supplies and still find a way to help the patient. This skill resonates throughout the entire country and you can physically see it in every hardworking Kenyan. Elective Africa gave me the opportunity to experience this perspective. I am very grateful for all of those in the program who took the time to make this possible. Special thanks to those that were here everyday to see us through; Phares, Benson, Raphael(our amazing cook), Esther,Steve & Patrick (our TukTuk drivers), everyone at the hospital where there are too many to name, Rama (our driver who was never late), Kadii (our swahili teacher) and all of those working behind the scenes at EA. It is not farewell from Kenya, Kwaheri Kenya, asante sana.

Colin Smith

Colorado State University