Our testmonial

We just finished our 5 weeks with Elective Africa. Of those, 4 weeks were in Obs & Gynae at Mt Meru, Arusha, where we were able to muck in with everything from deliveries, patient assessments and restocking supplies, to impromptu swahili lessons. The staff took their time to make sure we were not out of our depth but also stood back and guided us later on in our placement. You will see amazing things and witness the resourcefulness of a hospital with limited funding and equipment. Our time in Arusha was a really fun month, the town is easy to get around, walking or taxi and there is plenty of variety. The safari tourism trade means you are never far from some basic home comforts. Our coordinator, Phabian, and taxi driver, Richard were brilliant at answering our questions, helping us organize day trips and taking us to spots in town. The house was delightful with Neema, the house keeper, making us two cooked meals a day and looking after us. It also has good wifi and a guard at night. We finished with a 6 day trip up Kilimanjaro's Marangu route (you stay in huts rather than camping), which we organized with Elective Africa. Phabian let us change our dates once we'd arrived to fit better with our flights and arranged meeting our guide beforehand. Provided great peace of mind. Climbing was fantastic, a slightly hard way to finish up our time in Arusha but would recommend it to anyone! The scenery is beautiful and summiting the Roof of Africa makes for an amazing sunrise. All in all, we would highly recommend this company and the Arusha program. We felt so welcome, safe and had a lot of fun and feel we are going back with an experience that would have been hard pushed to get at home.

Beth & Emily

Cardiff University