Tanzania has been life - changing for me.The people here are so incredibly warm and welcoming.Since day one, I have been ushered in with open arms.The nurses and doctors of the labor and delivery ward have taken me under their wings and made sure was exposed to everything and given ample opportunity to practice procedures and learn the medicine behind labor and delivery. The medicine gave me independence to work on my own when they trusted the work I was doing.Apprenticeships like this does not exist.Leaving here is so incredibly sad because every thing about the Tanzanian way of life is so much more people- centered.The value of conversations and sharing experiences like eating and spending time is so much significant here and I feel like I have learnt to be a better human just after 5 short weeks .If any thing, I wish I would have come for much longer than 5 weeks. Thank you Elective Africa thank you Tanzania.

Yancey Warren