My elective Africa experience was completely different from other testimonials I had read before coming to Kenya. But I wouldn't change any detail of my trip. I feel so fortunate to have been able to fully experience the good and bad of Kenya's Health Care system. I was asked by so many Doctors to return to Kenya in a few years and share my knowledge of how to improve their health care system. Over my 4 weeks at Port Reitz Hospital I had the opportunity to see many new lives come into this world, as well as experience the loss of several patients. Losing so many patients during these past 4 weeks really showed me their shortage of medical equipment and lack of patient preventative care. No matter how hard these Doctors and interns worked to spread the word to the community about taking preventative measures, it was a battle that will take many years before the benefit is seen. I am forever thankful to those throughout my four weeks that took the time to share with me their stories and teach me more about their culture. This country is by far the most inviting and friendly country I've been to and even the children have taught me a great deal about enjoying your days, greeting everyone you meet with a hello and a friendly smile and always being willing to learn from your experiences.

Raven Skinner

Kansas State University