A Once in a Lifetime Experience!

My experience with Elective Africa in Mombasa has provided me with a precious and rewarding opportunity to only understand healthcare in a less-developed setting but also appreciate the wealth of cultures and humanities in Kenya. 

The clerical attachments with the departments of surgery and emergency medicine have allowed me to learn new medical knowledge and acquire new skills. Provided that one I proactive, there is a plethora of opportunities to learn new things, such as IV cannula insertion, setting up IV fluids, suturing, and much more. The doctors and nurses have been incredibly encouraging and supportive and I felt as if I was one of their medical students. My experience of attaching to Dr. Said in the surgical department of Coast General Teaching and Referral Hospital has been the most memorable. I would definitely recommend other participants to shadow him. 

Outside the hospital, there were also plenty of opportunities to explore Mombasa such as local tours to Fort Jesus and Old Town, and Haller Park excursions. The staff was extremely supportive and made my stay in Mombasa stress-free and enjoyable. 

Overall, this has been once in a lifetime experience. I would definitely recommend Elective Africa to all future participants. 

Marcus NG

The Chinese University of Hong Kong