An Unforgettable Experience!

I had an amazing experience in Mombasa through Elective Africa. Spending the days at Coast General Hospital was so beneficial to my learning experience. I got to work with incredibly intelligent and resourceful providers that were always willing to take the time to teach and explain concepts further. 

Everyone at the hospital was so welcoming to us. It was the perfect place to see good medicine being practiced in a developing country. Outside of the hospital, Elective Africa gave me the opportunity to do so many activities including visiting local schools and orphanages as well as restaurants and beaches. It was so fun to explore the beautiful city of Mombasa. 

Between the hospital and all the outside activities. I never felt my time was being wasted. I am so thankful of Elective Africa gave me the opportunity to live and learn in Kenya. It was an unforgettable experience that gifted me with memories that will last for a lifetime. 

Taylor Kizer

University of Nebraska Medical Center