An Experience I Will Never Forget!

This experience will be truly one that I will never forget. I enjoyed my time here in Mombasa Kenya getting to learn about the culture as well as the lovely people. I think this program really allowed me to understand how the healthcare system generally operates in Africa in terms of what is working and what is lacking. I was exposed to so many different cases from postnatal diagnosis to tropical diseases, different cancers, and many more. I was introduced to the most amazing medical staff; all so determined, knowledgeable, and inspirational.

In addition, I got to share my experience with the lovely Elective Africa staff and some of the most lovely people who I can now call my friends. I was truly in awe throughout my whole stay by the kindness, love, and radiant energy of the people in Kenya, I hope I have a place in their hearts as they have a place in mine. 

I did not only gain medical knowledge from this experience but also personal growth from learning how to cope outside of my comfort zone. This program has met my expectation and beyond as I have learned a lot about people and the world around me. On top of this, I was able to make an impact in some way as well as make lifelong friendships, which I think is the most rewarding.

Mariamawit Abel

Virginia Commonwealth University