A Deeper Understanding To Global Healthcare.


This summer I had an incredible opportunity to travel to Mombasa, Kenya, and shadow doctors at Coast Provincial General Hospital. While there, I did rotations in Both OB/GYN and pediatrics. Consequently, my medical knowledge grew tremendously.

Above all, however, I received exposure to international healthcare and gained a deeper understanding of how this nation approaches healthcare issues. It was my strong interest in global health that initially led me to pursue a pre-medical internship abroad. Since my time in Kenya, I realized that I wanted to work in this field as a physician.

I am beyond thankful that I had a chance to visit this country and meet so many amazing people. I hope to return soon, perhaps as a medical student and even as a doctor since it was an experience I would love to have again. Thank you so much Elective Africa for such an unforgettable journey abroad. 

Saige Boris

University of North Carolina at Greensboro