I Can't Wait To Come Back!

Overall my experience has bee a positive one. Mombasa as a whole is a beautiful city, with many ethnicities and cultures represented.We were close to the beach, marines and animal encounters in the city as well.

Coast Provincial General Hospital created an atmosphere unlike any hospital experience I have had this far in the United States. Coast Provincial General Hospital is definitely a teaching hospital, as students were present from both local, national and international schools. It is not a hospital for the soft spoken or faint of heart, and aggression is key if you were to be heard. Once you figure that out, people start to trust you. 

I was able to witness many traumas; the hospital environment has enabled the flexibility to more specialities during the rotations.

I hope to come back as a full practitioner us more of a role to continue to make a difference in Mombasa.

Sarah Ventimiglia

Wayne State University