Unforgettable Experience in Mombasa Kenya

The time I had in Mombasa was amazing. Elective Africa is an excellent program to be with. The people who work for EA are very professional and made sure to make my stay as cosy as possible.

The accommodation was much better than I had expected. They made sure to keep our place clean, feed us well and tend to your needs. Carol was especially helpful in everything I needed. She was always available to assist me in anything no matter what time in the day and she always made sure everything was okay. The hospital I was, CPGH was great and the doctors were terrific. The doctors that stood out for me the most were Dr. Mansoor, Dr. Naitham and Dr. Noor. These 3 doctors were amazing to work with and taught me so much. All in all my experience here was unforgettable and I definitely plan to come back.

Akram Mandourah

Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland