Elective Africa ; The Right Choice

Elective Africa met my every expectation. From the pre-electives period , all throughout my final week.

Richard the lead placement officer coordinated my placement and he was there all the way; answered every question I had gave detailed explanation of everything I didn't quite understand and kept on checking even when I landed in Kenya and throughout the placement.

On , ground I learnt that the EA Team have a similar trait. Benson the Mombasa Coordinator was helpful and a couple times he went out of the way to meet requests.

I had a good orientation of CGPH from my Supervisor Dr. Aarif Vavvani and his clinical knowledge had me inspired. He gave me an opportunity to do quite a lot of things in the ward. Hands on opportunity while we did the ward rounds.

I meet Christophe and Ainslee also on the program and they were good people. I was with Ainslee in the first three weeks before she left. She made learning medicine interesting.

And the voluntary activities and the Mombasa town, I love them; especially the Rescue Centre and Pentrose Community School, those kids are cute.

Elective Africa is the way to go. My family are happy I made this choice.  

Morie Vandi

University of Sierra Leone