I am a Better Person

During my time in Mombasa, I have learned so much about medicine and have ultimately become a better person because of this experience. The Elective Africa staff, specifically Benson and Richard, who I worked with most were always available to talk and were very helpful before and during my stay here in Mombasa. This program is very organized and I never felt confused or worried while I was here. My time in the hospital was great because all the doctors were helpful and want to teach you as much as they can. During our free time, we were taken to local tourist attractions as well as an orphanage and school. One weekend I also went on a safari to the Masai Mara which was breathtaking. The accommodation and staff were just as nice and helpful as they are when I was staying in Mombasa. Overall, this program has changed my life for the better. If you are looking for a program in which you can learn and get first-hand experience in a hospital, experience the wonderful culture of Kenya and meet many fantastic people. Elective  Africa is the program for you.

Ryan McCully

Loyola Marymount University