This Experience was Wonderful

This experience was wonderful. I am so glad that I came here. I loved every minute at Mt Meru and feel blessed to have had the opportunity to work alongside and learn from such naturally gifted doctors. I never realized what a valued resource, but also the crutch, technology was for us. There is so much information that I don’t have to bother to memorize because I don’t have to. However, the doctors here know it all, because they don’t have a choice and don’t have the luxury of looking it up on the internet at a moment’s notice. They’ve made me realize that I could be so much more than I am and that I can do so much better than I have been doing. It’s so unfair that we have so many resources in the US, and they have so few, but the patients here are truly blessed with the best minds Tanzania has to offer and for that I am grateful.


I have developed such a deep admiration, respect and love for this place and its people. While here, I’ve often been mistaken for a Tanzanian, but I felt honored. The western world paints such a monochrome view of Africa, only showing its needs, but never its beauty, history, spirit or feel. I thank God for this opportunity and pray that I have the ability to come back one day soon. I don’t want to forget Tanzania, and I want to remember it’s people. Until then I hope to help in the best ways I can with what I have where I am. I don’t want to sound cliché, but I’m definitely not the same person I was when I came here, and that’s a blessing in and of itself. Thank you for your hospitality. I pray your program continues to flourish.


Andrea James

Mississippi College