Lucky to have had these Experiences

My decision to come to Africa definitely did put me outside of my comfort zone but I am happy I chose to do it. I was excited to go someplace new but also very nervous to travel so far away from my home and family. However, after meeting Benson at the airport, more Elective Africa staff and our roommates, I settled into my new home very quickly. Elective Africa was very accommodating and allowed me to choose the departments I wanted to shadow and they were very flexible in case I changed my mind. In the hospital, I gained so much knowledge and perspective that I would be unable to see in the hospitals in the United States.


The days we spent there only reaffirmed my desire to do something in the medical field. I feel so lucky to have had these experiences and to have met so many people who have changed my outlook on life forever. Whether it was doctors in the hospital, people on the safari, or my roommates with me in the program. I learned so much about Africa and other parts of the world and made memories that I will hold close to my heart forever. Thank you again to Elective Africa for letting me be part of their program and sharing a little piece of Kenya with me. 


Abby Suntken

Colorado State University