My Two Weeks Unforgettable Experience

My experience in Mt. Meru Hospital, Tanzania for 2 weeks was very short but a substantial one. Many of the cases I encountered at the hospital were ones that I would never see in my country and they were shocking and heartbreaking. The doctors were working very hard to help these patients and it was very stimulating to see them. The coordinator cared very much that I felt comfortable in the hospital and was able to have some hands-on experience. If I stayed longer, I think I could have been able to have more hands-on experience. It takes a few days to get used to the ward, so after that, you would be able to do many things. There were elective students from other countries so it was nice talking with them about the medical conditions in Tanzania and discussing what we can do.

The stay, in general, was very comfortable as well; it was more comfortable than I expected. The organization prepared me a nice house with a wonderful ‘Mama’, and I was able to experience the everyday life in Arusha. The coordinator took me to many places on the weekends, so I was able to have great experiences there as well. The coordinator was very caring and made sure I was feeling comfortable every day, so I was able to feel very safe during my stay.

I’m sure to say that my two weeks here are unforgettable and I would take back my experience and make good use of it, so I can come back again next time, hopefully as a doctor.


Shio Yamano

University of Tsukuba