A Truly Memorable Experience

Elective Africa offered me a truly memorable experience that enriched my view of a culture that exists on the other side of the world while also offering me a place to expand my skillset in my profession. During my time at the hospital, I was constantly exposed to cases and conditions that I would never get a chance to see at home and the doctors that  I worked with were incredibly valuable resources to learn from.

Everyone I encountered through this experience was very welcoming and friendly, which helped to make this a pleasant and safe place to come to. The staff was extremely helpful in showing me around my placement city showing me as many of the sites and cultural highlights Mombasa had to offer most of which are top of the major tourist attractions like Fort Jesus and Haller Park. I was taken to local villages and markets as well as an orphanage to interact with the babies and children. These experiences really opened my eyes to the differences between the world I come from and the world they live in every day. Throughout my time in Mombasa, I was able to accomplish all of the objectives I had originally set and so much more. 

Benjamin Kushner

Ohio State University