A wonderful Experience


Since I was a child I dreamt of coming to Africa, a soulful desire. Now, with Elective Africa, I am in Kenya. The people are truly lovely. I am well cared for in my Diggs here with a cook, a driver to take me to and from the hospital, and someone here to help me with EVERYTHING else.

The government hospital is definitely for the poor. The last 3+ days I have been in Labor and Delivery where life is not taken for granted. Both clean and sterile gloves can be hard to find, no soap, no hot water... supplies, in general, can be scarce. 

Today while holding a woman’s leg and letting her squeeze my fingers with the pain of delivery, the ocean breeze gently blew through the window. In between contractions, I watched monkeys play outside. Happy to say the baby and mom are fine. 


The ER Experience

The ER experience was absolutely amazing. I learnt so much. The doctors wanted to keep me and show me how they work and what they see on a daily basis. The nurses were kind and welcoming and they let me work. Everyone answered all my questions. Anthony also made sure I was included in his department and was welcomed.

I am still working in the ER. It is amazing. The doctors are fun and easy to talk with. The nurses are kind. Today I was starting an I.V. (Branula) on this young man with a Broken ankle. I would get it just under the skin and he would pull away. The doctor was helping hold his arm. I talked to the pt about relaxing. Finally, he did and it went right in. The doctor said she never heard someone talk to a or like that. She was amused. We are learning from each other

Saying goodbye to Kenya 

My time here is almost over. Way too short!! Sunday I took the day to go up the coast to snorkel. The swimming was wonderful but the dressy seafood was the BEST! So nice to get out of the city. 

Kenya, the people are proud, their hearts are open, and everyone gets along. Sadly my time is ending. The experience through Elective Africa was intense and fulfilling. The last 4 days I spent on Safari. 3 days in Masai Mara and 1 day in Nakuru. Holy MAGICAL! The photos are a small glimpse of this experience. I am so grateful the Kenyans have reserved so much land! And the Masai living near the park area huge part of this effort. They guarded our camp. And we spent a few hours with them. They don’t like people to take their photos. However, we were invited in and they happily agreed. But no photos outside of this. 

Really, the best way to travel for me is to volunteer. Through this experience, I had authentic interactions with the locals. Everyone was kind, open and easy to talk to. Phares was so helpful, so was Justina who was also very responsive. A peaceful, intelligent, industrious, authentic people, the Kenyans. My heart is forever fuller!! Thank you so much, Elective Africa. The staff at E.A were nothing short of wonderful.

Kyle Howell

University of Colorado