Heart wrenching , Exciting and Deeply Emotional

As my second time volunteering with Elective Africa in an African Hospital,I thought I knew what to expect.My experience again was heart wrenching , exciting and deeply emotional as I helped the staff at Mt Meru regional Hospital. The locals are incredibly brave strong and never give up when faced with extreme challenges you would never know about. With the little resources in the hospital the staff work tirelessly for hours to do their best to help. From the fearless mothers in the labor ward to the families waiting patiently in the emergency department it had been a priceless experience that will further shape my career as a paramedic. I am again grateful for this opportunity, the sad times and the many happy adventures that went with it. Elective Africa, thank-you, the staff are all amazing. Until next time I come back 

Robyn Carter

Queensland Ambulance Services