Your House Abroad

Your House Abroad

Travelling abroad has never been this fun and nice. The thought of living with completely strange people, learning a new language, trying new food and walking different street from what you are accustomed to is a thrilling experience. It may be scary at first but once you get used to it and are open minded, you will make memories that will last a lifetime. Accommodation is one of the core part of our placement program in Africa.  We therefore strive to ensure that we select accommodation in locations not only closer to your placement hospital but also in safe and secure neighbourhoods.

So what is it you need t know about your house abroad with EA?

First and foremost, the accommodation is shared student houses. A room is shared among 2 – 3 participants of the same gender. You will also the kitchen and living room to yourself. With a cable TV, you will be able touch base with what is happening back in your country and in the rest of the world.  The interesting part about this is, you well get to interact with different people from different countries and hence able to learn from different cultures. You may make lifetime relations, who knows? Take advantage of this and have fun. Single accommodations are also available upon request.

Your House Abroad is also in proximity to your placement hospital and other important amenities like shopping malls, beach, entertainment joints etc. Most if not all of our student houses are approximately 20-30 minutes drive to the clinical site. This is in an effort to ensure that you report in the hospital on time to do rotations and other healthcare services.

Travelling abroad comes with it’s own challenges and that is why we have a team of fun loving and passionate staff to ensure that you are in a friendly and supportive environment. You will be given a local area orientation upon arrival to familiarize you with your placement location. With 24/7 on ground support, the operations coordinator ensures that you have an enjoyable and comfortable stay during your whole placement period. You will have a chef, who will be preparing your meals. Don’t miss to try new cuisine and even learn some new recipes.  While on placement, issues may arise and don’t worry because our team is very approachable and will ensure your issues are solved in a timely manner. This also applies to timely repairs and maintenance if any.
Our student houses are also in a healthy and safe neighbourhood with security. You will have access to clean and pleasant living environment with laundry services offered twice a week and housekeeping on a daily basis.

Have questions? You can send us an email and also Join in our webinar on the 28th of March that will be giving you a sneak peak on what to expect while abroad.

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