Why Kenya Is A Great Location For Your Healthcare Placement

Why Kenya Is A Great Location For Your Healthcare Placement

Africa as a whole is a great place to plan for your healthcare placement. Most of the countries are  developing countries thus a lot of room for learning and hands on experience for medical students in their clinical years and hand off experience for students in their pre health years. Kenya is at the heart of Africa and several factors come to play making it a great location for your next healthcare internship.

1) Has the opportunity differentiated learning for learning.

Kenya being a developing country has a great room for learning and exposure. Most of the hospitals in the public sector have limited resources in terms of infrastructure and human capital thus a great opportunity for you to see innovation in the healthcare industry where the local healthcare staff have to deliver healthcare services even under the constraint of resources.

2) Tropical climate and diverse vegetation

The equator line divides the country into two hence the country enjoys a tropical climate. This makes it generally warm throughout the year with plenty of sunny days. Whether you choose to do your placement in a rural, coastal or urban location you will have a great experience depending on the weather patterns for different region. Kenya also has a diversity of vegetation that vary depending on the different climate extremes.

3) Great opportunity for exploration and adventure

Are you an adventure lover? Then Kenya is the perfect destination for you. Apart from your hospital placement you will have lots of time to relax and explore and with this Kenya is a great place to explore with lots of opportunities to explore. It being named as one of the world’s famous destinations, there are a lot of thrilling places and sceneries to visit ranging from it’s great wildlife parks and sanctuaries, great rivers, lakes, mountains, sunny and sandy coastal beaches, historic attractions like the Fort Jesus and Gedi Ruins. The famous Maasai Mara known for the historic yearly wildebeest migration just to mention but a few. This means off-the-hospital, you will not just sit back in your apartment doing nothing as there are  varieties of activities to choose from. At Elective Africa you have the opportunity to organize for a long safari during one of the weekends and shorter excursions when you are free.

Apart from adventurous activities Kenya has over 42 communities each with different cultures. This means you have the opportunity to immerse yourself with very many new cultures and learning a lot. This way you get to appreciate the diversity of the country’s cultural practices.

4) Friendly policies and people

Kenya is wholly a very friendly nation with friendly people. These ranges from the local healthcare staff at your hospital of placement to the people outside the hospital. This means you will have a very ample time settling and fitting in. With the friendly staff at the hospital you have a great opportunity to engage them as much as possible for learning purposes and exposure to the hospital activities making your placement very rewarding,

The Kenyan people are welcoming, friendly and hospitable thus you will not at any point feel like a stranger as you walk around. Some ethnic groups like the Maasai and the coastal people have a very unique culture from their way of dressing, cuisine and traditions and a great experience for you.

Most of policies are also very tourist friendly starting from the visa policies in which you have have your visa at the airport on arrival. There is also an E-Visa system where you can get your visa online to avoid the long queues at the airport

5) Affordability

Kenya has a favorable exchange rate against many international currencies which makes it a fairly inexpensive destination. The cost of living is very cheap when compared to other countries like the US and Europe thus you will have spend less and explore a lot as long as you always stick to your budget. Make sure you have planned well for your accommodation, meals and personal spending during the start of your program to help not go way out of your budget.

This being one of Elective Africa’s placement destinations we are happy to give you the opportunity to explore Kenya for your hospital internship. Talk to us for this amazing experience in Africa.

by Elective Africa

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