Premed and Medical Internships Abroad During Covid-19

Premed and Medical Internships Abroad During Covid-19

Elective Africa’s programs have reopened their Kenyan destination in Mombasa and we are now accepting reservations for both premed and medical students. Our healthcare internships and volunteer programs are impactful ways of gaining invaluable experience in your medical field, getting exposure to different cultures, and impacting communities.

Over the years, we have continued to work closely in partnerships with the communities where we operate by prioritizing their health and safety.

 Since the first covid-19 case was reported in Kenya, we have ensured to keep at par with the best industry practices to secure the well-being of our community. Elective Africa introduced extra operation guidelines and closely monitored the CDC guidelines on ways of reducing the spread of the virus.


Before Traveling, We Advise Incoming Participant/ Volunteers as Follows:
  1. Understand the rules

We ensure that our participants have been duly informed of the restrictions and rules in the placement destination of choice. Restrictions and rules vary greatly within countries, these restrictions affect how their airlines, hotels, and hospitals operate.

 Note that Kenyan entry visas are exclusively issued electronically. Visitors are to obtain their e-visas before departure.

  1. Get tested/ vaccinated

Elective Africa recommends getting a Covid-19 vaccination or have a negative Covid-19 test result 72-hours before travel. Also, avoid traveling if you feel sick or have been exposed to an infected individual 14 days prior to your departure.

  1. Wear a mask

Once in the country, it is essential to always wear a mask in public places. This is not only a safety recommendation to slow down the spread of the virus but also a government requirement.

We also recommend carrying personal PPE's since the placement hospitals don't provide them.  

  1. Practice social distance

In addition to masks, keeping socially distant from others is very crucial during your program abroad.

  1. Expect a different experience

Different countries and regions have responded differently to the coronavirus pandemic. It is important to mentally prepare yourself for a different travel experience. This includes random temperature checks in public spaces, curfew restrictions, strict clinal guidelines, closure of some local sites and attractions et cetera.


Elective Africa On-Program Health & Safety Guidelines 

To adhere to the above guidelines, we have designed the measures below that have been adopted by our local teams.

  • Information

During your pre-departure training as well as on-ground program induction, we provide information and consistent updates about Covid-19 and the best practices to manage its spread.

Also, we take real-time feedback from participants and the community so as to optimize our health and safety guidelines and train our on-ground staff accordingly.

  • Cleaning

We have increased the frequency and depth of cleaning in the student residences. This also includes thorough disinfection with alcohol-based spray sanitizer on surfaces and steady ventilation.

  • Checks

Temperature checks will be done frequently in, before, and after leaving the residence.

  • Distancing

Program participants will be required to observe social distance in the residence, placement location, and overall stay abroad.

  • Travel Insurance  

We encourage incoming program participants and volunteers to have quality travel insurance that can cushion any Covid-19 related mishaps e.g. trip cancellations. 

  • Personal Hygiene

Your health is your number one priority. We encourage our participants to always carry a hand sanitizer, wear a mask at all times and observe cough etiquette. Paper tissues used when coughing or sneezing she be disposed of immediately and appropriately.

  • Communication

We require participants to raise any concerns actively to our on-ground staff, who are available 24/7. Note that symptomatic and or exposed individuals will be isolated from others in accordance with local regulations and WHO guidelines. If symptoms persist or are of concern, we will contact the relevant healthcare provider for testing, advice, and or treatment.

To keep up to date  with real-time the Covid-19 travel updates, get in touch with us via or check the US embassy to Kenya website frequently

 Apply and reserve for premed internships and medical electives abroad programs as far ahead as 2022 and change them when need be, thanks to our flexible booking.

by Elective Africa

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