Pre Nursing Shadowing Internship Abroad

Pre Nursing Shadowing Internship Abroad

Pre-Nursing programs are designed to prepare students who are looking to join a nursing college . On a pre-nursing shadowing placement you observe how  to do basic patient care activities like dressing wounds, triage nursing, taking vitals and helping to prepare medical equipment. There are also opportunities to shadow nurses and doctors in the operating room and during their daily routines.

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Benefits a pre nursing shadowing internship

Undertaking a pre-nursing internship abroad will provide an opportunity to shadow nurses in a hospital or clinic,you will get full exposure to the day to day activities of a nurse under a dedicated mentor.

The program gives you a head start in your nursing school application as you learn cultural diversity through off the hospital activities. You will be matched to the most appropriate department based on your area of interests such as child or adult nursing, maternity or go for a general placement for a wider experience. 

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Looking into undertaking a pre nursing shadowing internship?

Application Steps:


1. The first step is to send an application at

2. The next step is the payment of the reservation fee equivalent to $350. 

3. The last step is the submission of the essential documents for the customization of the placement at the hospital. These documents are a letter from your school indicating that you are a bonafide student of the university and the area of study, your CV and a statement of the objectives that you want to achieve in the placement

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