Planning For Your Internship Abroad in 2022

Planning For Your Internship Abroad in 2022

It’s the time of the year when most students and volunteers are thinking about undertaking their clinical rotations in the upcoming months. A question that is often top of mind is how far in advance should you start planing or paying for an international internship. We recommend 6 months as it gives you enough time to prepare. Here is why:

  1. Due to the pandemic, we have a limited number of spaces in our residences. Reaching out early secures your slot, especially if you are traveling as a group. 

  1. All our hospital departments have a maximum number of students they can handle. Once this number is achieved, we cannot accept more students in that department as it weighs down the hospital and compromises the general clinical experience of participants.

  1. Starting early can save you money! It gives you enough time to pay for the program (through fundraising, bursaries, or savings), get a small group together to qualify for a discount, and also increase your chances of getting a cheaper flight ticket

  1. Most importantly, you need enough time to process paperwork hassle-free. You will need to secure university documentation, visa (processes defer for different destinations), and schedule vaccination appointments. 

  1. Finally, to get a worthwhile experience on your trip, you need to do your personal research about the destination of choice. Even though you will not have a problem getting by our destinations speaking English,  locals like it when you speak their language*. Learning a little Swahili phrase beforehand will come a long way. Also familiarize yourself with the culture, cuisines and learn about famous tourist sites or activities abroad. This gives you a lot to look up to during your free time abroad. 

Besides our pre-departure sessions that prepare you for the trip, we connect our incoming students with our alumni network to get to about their personal experience.


Take the next step!

Reach out and apply for the upcoming break start dates.

Specify your hospital departments or specialties of interest, preferred placement duration, and destination of choice. We will get back to you within 24hours to confirm availability and proceed to the next step in the application process. Click here to start your journey to a fulfilling clinical experience overseas. 


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