Midwifery Elective Abroad

Midwifery Elective Abroad

A midwifery elective is hospital placement program that midwifery students undertake as part of their degree for practical experience.

The programs are suited for students seeking significant women's health experience in relation to child births by working in hospitals and community health centres in Africa.

An overseas midwifery program offers a good training opportunity for student midwives and anyone seeking experience of working internationally as a midwife.

These placements are a great way to gain practical work experience under supervision in obstetrics and-gynecology, neonatal intensive care unit, labor wards, prenatal and postnatal care. 

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Where can I work as a Midwife?

There is a severe shortage of resources, and midwives in Africa thus creating international midwifery opportunities.

Contrary to midwifery programs in the USA and Europe, a midwifery elective placement abroad (Africa) will give you a chance to see how limited access to resources affect care such as childbirth complications resulting from lack of prenatal care, traditional ways that have been used to conduct childbirth over the years and learn the socio cultural beliefs surrounding childbirth. 


Some duties and responsibilities in Midwifery Internship Abroad:

  1. Assist doctors, midwives and parents during delivery and patient care after delivery

  2. Evaluate mothers and neonates; monitor contractions and neonate heart rates.

  3. Take part in teaching relaxation techniques to patients during labour 

  4. Coach parents during postpartum period regarding what to expect with the mother's body and infant care

  5. Educate new mothers on breastfeeding, daily care of the baby, hygiene and nutrition, family planning, STIS and other appropriate health topics

  6. Help midwives and doctors regarding patient care

  7. Care for mother and newborns post operatively and post vaginal births 

  8. Help in blood draws on newborns, IV insertion

  9. Care and assistance of circumcision of circumcision,  care of drug-babies 

  10. Help to insert intravenous catheters and urinary catheters 


Please note all hospital activities during the electives are undertaken under mentorship and supervision and by students in their clinical years only.

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Why a midwifery elective with Elective Africa?

  • Gain/sharpen your midwifery work experience 

  • Build confidence

  • Professional competitiveness

  • Hone your communication prowess

  • Adventure and lasting memories 


Requirements for an Elective Africa midwifery internship:

  1. Get in touch with us for placement and or program clarification and discussing your interests. You can submit an inquiry message to us or chat with us on our chat platform & social media platforms

  2. Apply and deposit a reservation fee

  3. Submit your resume, letter from institution, objectives

  4. Come learn, have fun and make a difference 


Upon arrival 

  1. Airport pick-up by Elective Africa staff

  2. Introduction to other participants in the program

  3. Local Area excursion: malls, banks, taxi station etc

  4. Swahili classes sign-up

  5. Hospital induction/orientation session


For more information send us an email at info@electiveafrica.com or give us a call at +1 609 375 8912.

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