How To Fund For Your Healthcare Internship Abroad

How To Fund For Your Healthcare Internship Abroad

Healthcare Internships Abroad are life changing opportunities, when you opt into a placement in  Africa you are guaranteed a rewarding experience leaned towards career exposure, personal growth and cultural immersion. While many of the participants are drawn to the very customized packages, one challenge can always arise: you are low on funds to pay for your healthcare internship travel abroad. Here are a few ways we have seen work for other participants previously.

Apply for Travel Scholarships:

There are many organizations, learning institutions ,companies that offer scholarships The best way to go about with this is by first considering the university that you are in. A lot of universities offer scholarships to individuals. Speak with your academic advisor and ask of the possibility of such opportunities and what would be required. There are also online resources that can help you get started. You can easily get sponsored to come on ground to undertake your healthcare internship through these online websites.


Crowdfunding is an another  way of getting support for your healthcare internship abroad. There are a lot of ways you can use to crowdfund. One has the option to garner financial support from friends, classmates, schoolmates, family and almost anybody you meet through having events, meetups or well structured fundraising campaigns. To reach an ever wider audience , there are crowdfunding website projects  for instance (FundMyTravel) that are available to help people raise funds for meaningful courses

Doing multiple part time jobs?

This is one of the best ways to raise funds. Why? Because it’s fast and has all your effort to it to make it work. There are different jobs that you can engage in. Consider your class timetable as your guideline of when you are free to work. There are days when you don’t have classes and also there are times when you are out of class probably in the evening. These are the best times to work. You can work night shifts for example in a fast-food restaurant, offer private tutor lessons in a subject you are familiar with and do online writing.  

Financial Aid Loans.

Undergraduate students enrolled full time in college or university are usually given the opportunity to apply for financial aid loans. You can consider applying for financial aid from your university and setting it aside to cover for healthcare internship abroad. Depending on the learning institution you are enrolled in we advise you to visit the financial aid department in your campus  and know what your options are.


Contests are wild and random events as a source of raising funds for travelling abroad to attend your healthcare internship. Entering into more than one creates a high probability of you winning at least one which will bring you closer to closing the gap of the money that is required to pay for your healthcare internship travel abroad. Our recommendation to you is that you participate in contests as an  aside find method.

Planning Early

Being an early planner is a great way of saving for you travel. Planning early involves having a savings plan (piggy bank), budget costs cut down and set a goal of how much you want to raise before final application deadline date.  Planning early lets you make sense of what favorable options are available as a measure of good pre-departure habits. The last thing you would wish is to run out of money just as your adventure is about to begin.
Figuring out how to raise funds for your healthcare internship abroad has never been made  more easier. Combing a sets of the options we have listed should see you rolling in more cash than would you have possibly imagined. However, make sure to confirm with our price page and reach out to our placement advisors to get all the relevant information available for your trip and come participate in a life changing opportunity abroad .

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