How to Become a Brand Ambassador and Earn Money From It

How to Become a Brand Ambassador and Earn Money From It

Looking for a fun way to earn extra money, grow your network and social skills? If yes then buckle up because this is for you.

A brand ambassador is someone who often does live demonstrations to represent a particular brand and drive people to use the product or service.

By being an Elective Africa Brand Ambassador, you will help build awareness about our programs to your fellow students, faculty, and peers from other schools in your country. 

Not only no necessary experience required to become a brand ambassador but also you work on a flexible schedule and increase the chances of building your network, resume and making easy money. 


Qualifications of an Elective Africa Ambassador

  • Take part in our programs.

  • Refer a participant who will sign up for one of our programs.

  • You are interested in partnering  with Elective Africa.


Your role as an Elective Africa Ambassador is to:

  1. Recommend your peers to sign up for our programs.

  2. Endorse us  to health interest clubs and recommend that we are listed as an overseas healthcare placement planner.

  3. Engage in our social platforms and invite your peers to like and follow our social media pages.

  4. Providing support and advice as needed to students while they are taking their electives.

  5. Do presentations of your elective program experience with us to your school and clubs .

  6. Connecting with students before they depart on their electives to provide Elective Africa's materials, discuss the electives, and answer any questions the students may have.

  7. You will attend conferences and student fairs on our behalf and let us know of networking events where we have a chance to connect with potential participants.


Elective Africa Incentive structure

For each sign-up referred by you and presentation to health, clubs are entitled to a rebate fee of US$50. Attending a conference on behalf of Elective Africa earns you US$100 for conference days and US$50 for the travel days. Endorsements to your institution to list us under global health programs will earn you  US$200.


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