Healthcare and Medical Placement Locations in East Africa

Healthcare and Medical Placement Locations in East Africa

If you are considering a global health program or an elective abroad packed with exciting adventure think no further than Tanzania and Kenya. 

Elective Africa has dedicated staff in these destinations who ensure that you are well guided and informed of events every step of the way. It is important while going abroad you have locals to assist in giving you information and to guide you.

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One of our placement destinations is Arusha, a city in Tanzania with massive international weight. Its population comprises of more than 100 nationalities and has diverse indigenous and ethnic cultures. Arusha can be described as what is called the safari capital for Tanzania due to its breathtaking tourist attractions such as Mt. Kilimanjaro and Arusha National Park just to mention a few. Placements in this destination are at Mt Meru Hospital and Levolosi.

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Mombasa, Kenya is our second placement  destination. It is rich in culture and tourist attractions making it unique and a place you definitely want to visit. Similar to Tanzania it is a cultural melting point with various nationalities found here such as British, Italians, Chinese and Indians just to mention a few. Most of our placements here are at Coast Provincial General Hospital.

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