Graduated from Medical School; New Doctor and Resident Electives Opportunities Abroad

Graduated from Medical School; New Doctor and Resident Electives Opportunities Abroad

Pre-medical shadowing and medical electives have in the recent past become popular among students in undergraduate and those in medical schools.  The opportunities to shadow and also be involved in activities is immense and hence the great interest. But above those two categories is the new doctor and resident electives which has something special in the experience and that is the ability to work like a doctor with the doctors within.

This is what makes this elective unique!

Nature of the program

The program is set up for the resident or the recently graduated doctor to make use of their skills not necessarily under strict supervision but the guidance of particular doctors in the unit. The program is founded on the need to have one further build on the skills they have gained all through the MD training and also make essential corrections in the areas of skill deficiency.

Areas of specialties

While majorly the other programs allow for one to maintain flexibility in the departments and the areas of rotation, the new doctor and resident elective allows for a more specialised program of rotation. One can choose a specific unit and rotate within it for the entire time that they are in the hospital. This include:

  • Accidents and Emergency for those looking to venture into Emergency medicine in their residency and beyond
  • Paediatrics for those seeking to venture in this in residency and beyond
  • Obstetrics and Gynaecology
  • Surgery
  • Internal Medicine for those seeking to venture into family medicine and internal medicine in residency and beyond or even those seeking to go into tropical medicine.

What is required

Depending on whether one seeks the experience for their own good or seeks the experience to complete requirements for a residency program the documents required include:

  • The MD graduation certificate
  • CV updated with the clinical experiences
  • A statement of the objectives one desires to meet while on program.
  • Preceptor papers/documentation that is required by the program for recognition of the program.

This program is truly a great way for one to build their exposure and enhance their skills but it is also an opportunity for recent MD graduates and residents to utilise their skills for the service of those that maybe underserved.

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