Don’t study hard study smart

Don’t study hard study smart

It’s finally a new semester and as you set off you have energy piled up from the festive seasons break.

Whether in clinical years hence at a hospital and only attending classes online or going for period lectures or in undergraduate and thus in heavy lecture schedules you are definitely looking to set off in this semester running. The need to therefore study smart is a lot and below are a few ways to ensure that you do just that.

Be Prepared- Have a plan

Being smart is about working in a well-directed and focused manner, this requires a game plan with very particular study items and how you are looking to set yourself apart in them. For a good plan you will need to identify the key events of your semester and the timings within which they appear to be able to allocate time. Itemizing the activities and related tasks ensures you remain effective in the areas that are core and that way you set out to having a smart semester.

A semester is a summation of days and months which eventually add up to the full semester. Creating and prioritizing what you do daily is crucial to ensuring that you are smart at start and through to the end.

Purpose to Understand and not to memorize

I recall when I attended a human anatomy and physiology classes where every sentence was dominated by jargon. Everything seemed so new to me whether in joints tissues or organs. In such scenarios memorizing and acronyms were my best shot. It’s only later that I learnt those were parts that I actually had and would have worked better if I sought to understand them other that study them for exams. In the complex of fields and subjects, to understand you need to establish links to your studies to the practical applicability.

To further enhance your understanding, it’s important to attach fun to the learning aspects. This helps you remain curious and in so doing enhance your ability to understand more, research more and learn more.

Perfect Your Type of Studying

Part of achieving smart study is knowing what mode of study best suits you.

If you are a virtual learner it’s nice to then convert your learning materials to have more chats, maps and other visual impressions. These will help enhance your understanding and make brainstorming easier for you.

If you are an Auditory learner, then you need to purpose to be present in lectures listen more and have more recordings on various lectures and subsets of your studies to be able to comprehend more information.

If you are more of a Kinesthetic learner, which most of the clinical students are by nature, you need to get out there and experience, feel the learning happening through hands on experience and comprehend through observations of multiple cases.

The best approach to being smart in your studies is to develop an approach for yourself one that reflects your goal and a personal reflection of what you would like to achieve from your studies.

All the best in your studies.

by Elective Africa

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