Coronavirus Quarantine: Productive Things to do During Self-Isolation.

Coronavirus Quarantine: Productive Things to do During Self-Isolation.

Isaac Newton first began observing the laws of motion and gravity while working in quarantine due to  the Great Plague of London.

The spread of coronavirus around the world has led to people practicing social distancing and self quarantine measures. This has undoubtedly disrupted our social lives and travel plans. However, we can still use this time to better ourselves, people around us and the world beyond. 


Constructive Social Distancing Activities

1. Plan something incredible for the future
Whether it is school, career or social life, this is the time to slow down and reinvent ourselves. Reflect on the short time and long time goals that you want to achieve. What impact do you want to make? What country, cultures and places do you want to interact with or see? Prepare now and be ready when everything comes back to normal.


2. Learn a new skill
The future is digital, at one point in the near future everyone will be needing skills such coding in order to be marketable on the job market.
Use this time to explore your career paths and cultivate your professional skills through online courses, educational blogs and vlogs. You can also learn how to dance, cook or prepare certain cuisines. 


3. Volunteer
A good deed goes a long way. Even though there are movement limits due to coronavirus, you can still volunteer to do grocery shopping for the elderly next door. You can also volunteer virtually teaching online classes or using your creative skills to spread sensitization messages on social platforms. 


4. Take time for self-care 
Relaxation slows our heart rate, reduces our blood pressure and relieves tension. Use this time to take care of yourself, eat  healthy, exercise and fully relax.
Communicate more with your friends and family; watch a movie or read a book together, play online games with them et cetera. This will keep your brain awake.


5. Indulge in a passion or project
Have time to do something you actually like and that will keep you motivated and focused during this time. 
This may be painting, cooking,  reading or writing a book, blogging,  practicing yoga, doing a workout or meditation.


6. Learn a foreign language. 
This is not only a fun thing to do but also boosts your brain power, improves memory and mind sharpness, enhances the ability to multi-task and improves performance in other academic areas.

Finally, use this period and the time after to make a change for the better. Collective individual effort is an important catalyst for significant global change.

by Elective Africa

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