Benefits of Planning your Internship Abroad in Advance

Benefits of Planning your Internship Abroad in Advance

As of April 2020, close to 2.5 Billion people around the world have restricted movement as ordered by their governments in order to slow the spread of Coronavirus. 

Travel restrictions have also been tightened. This has been very hard especially for wanderlusters, travel junkies and explorers but also students who undertake their electives, international internships and volunteer programs abroad.

Sooner or later, the COVID-19 pandemic will ease and airports will buzz back to life with throngs of passengers. In the meantime calm your itchy feet by learning more about your desired destinations and start planning. 


Here are reasons why you book that placement abroad early

  1. Placement spot assurance 

Some of our destinations and hospital partners have limited slots for participants. The spaces are given on a first come first serve basis.  Reserving a program gives complete freedom of choice over your clinical experience especially if you’re travelling with friends or a group.   Get ahead of the curve. Don't wait until the last minute when slots are limited or unavailable.

  1. Raising Money

Travelling abroad for an elective will require money for your air ticket, hospital registration, food, accommodation et cetera. Early reservation gives you ample time to pay for the program in instalments,  fundraise or save. This way you might raise more money for your travel expenses. 

Avoid the last minute pressure of beating deadlines and trying to figure out where you want to go and how much you require.

  1. Ease of Preparation 

 An early reservation will give you plenty of  time to sort your  travel documents and requirements. This includes renewing passports, visa, university documentations and taking vaccinations. 

Doing early paperwork gives you room to correct errors in the documents and insure yourself from disappointment. 

  1. Learn more about the program and destination

Right now you have enough time to research about different locations. Familiarize yourself with your destination; learn about their culture, language and sites that you are likely  to visit while abroad. When everything finally goes back to normal, you might have too many things to do. 

Our staff are always available to share with you what to expect in the different destinations. 

  1. Peace of mind

Early planning is a recipe for a hassle free program. Giving yourself enough time to organize your placement abroad is crucial. 


Reach out to our placement experts today to plan your  internship programs and volunteer opportunities in Kenya and Tanzania.  Start your journey by  clicking here to apply. At Elective Africa we help you plan  your program up to a year in advance.

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