A Typical Week for a Medical Student on an Elective at Coast Provincial General Hospital

A Typical Week for a Medical Student on an Elective at Coast Provincial General Hospital

A placement abroad is a very exciting opportunity not only to connect with healthcare professionals and fellow students from all over the world but also to learn from a unique hospital setting. It will only be fair if you can get the best out of the trip after parting with your money to organize for the trip. Before anything else preparation is key for a successful placement abroad. Here is a sneak peak into what your first week will look like

Arrival Day:  When you arrive at Moi International Airport, Mombasa,(preferably on Sunday) you will be picked up by an E.A Representative. They will be holding an Elective Africa Page Board with your name on it. You will then proceed to our student house in Nyali, Mombasa.

Day 1: You will be accompanied by one of our operation coordinators for Hospital Registration. The hospital administration will then assign you one of their staff to take you through the hospital orientation and the departments you will be rotating in. In the afternoon you will be given an orientation of the residence and local surroundings e.g. shopping area, beach etc. You will be provided with a phone and a local SIM card i.e. in case you would like to have a local phone; you will be responsible for loading minutes to make calls. At the residence you will have access to free Internet; you just need to bring your own gadget like a laptop, phone or tablet for connectivity. 

Day 2 Onwards (Daily Routine): Routine hospital program. Kindly note in this institution facilities are stretched with limited resources and you may find yourself working in conditions that really test your skills, abilities & emotions. You are also likely to find conditions in advanced stages. You have free afternoons but if you would to extend your time in the hospital, we would be happy to organise this for you. You might want to go on a sightseeing adventure treks within Mombasa or visit an orphanage. This can be done during your free time and weekends. Our coordinator will give you the available options and accompany you to the place.

Internship days may vary slightly depending on which department you are placed. If it does, maximize on it and learn all you can.

After a long day at work our chef will not disappoint you with our nicely prepared food. The food is amazing and it’s also a great opportunity to try local cuisine. My top pick for you would be ‘Nyama Choma’ oooh it is mouth watering.

by Elective Africa

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