A Typical Day for A Healthcare Participant in Arusha, Tanzania

A Typical Day for A Healthcare Participant in Arusha, Tanzania

Elective Africa offers various volunteering and healthcare internship programs which do not only give you the opportunity to further enhance your healthcare skills but also gain insights on working in a differentiated healthcare system. Our hospital internships are usually carried out in developing countries in Africa where the healthcare facilities have limited resources. As a participant you will have the opportunity to learn how to use the limited resources at your disposal to deliver health care at all times. 

One of the questions asked most by participants who want to take part in our programs is of how a typical day with Elective Africa healthcare internships is like. In one of our placement clinical sites Mt. Meru Hospital in Arusha Tanzania, the day kicks off as early as 7:00 am. The participants rise up early to adequately prepare for the busy day ahead. In the spirit of togetherness the students on medical internships get to breakfast together at the residence before setting out for the day.

After breakfast, they are driven to the medical facility where most of their day is spent as it is usually a hive of activity. A day at the hospital begins with conducting morning ward rounds at the respective departments under supervision and mentorship by the local healthcare staff who are in charge of them in their respective departments of rotation.

In the course of the day participants medical students in their senior clinical years get to learn, observe and assist the doctors, surgeons and other physicians as they perform a variety of medical procedures ranging from minor–theatre to complex clinical operations always under supervision and mentorship. Hands on activities are only limited to participants in healthcare schools and in their senior clinical years

After a busy day at Mt. Meru Hospital the participants break for lunch at around 2.00pm. As lunch is usually served back at the residence, they will go back to the residence for lunch. After lunch time they can opt to either go back to the hospital or engage in outdoor activities that include and not limited to visiting the orphanage, community outreach projects or undertaking a local excursion. For some days we have pre organised Swahili lessons or health tutorials. For this we always communicate prior.

Our healthcare internships are designed to ensure that you integrate with the community, learn the culture of the local people and get a platform to give back to the society. The Swahili lessons enable you to learn some basic Swahili which will help you to get around and also be able to  hold a conversation with the locals. This also comes in quite handy when conducting outreach programs to sensitize the public on issues such as the importance of hygiene, reproductive health and preventive dental procedures.

Dinner time at the residence is served from 6.00pm and thereafter you have all the time to yourself. During the weekends, you may choose to go out, have some fun and explore the nightlife in Arusha, Tanzania. Dine out and get to sample the local cuisines and cocktails.

Want to have a healthcare internship experience at the Mt. Meru Regional Referral hospital? Talk to one of our placement advisors at info@electiveafrica.com

by Elective Africa

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