7-Reasons Why You Should Consider Overseas Clinical Experience

7-Reasons Why You Should Consider Overseas Clinical Experience

The goal of medical schools is to curve all rounded healthcare professionals that cannot be hindered by limitations of diagnostic services and treatment options. To achieve this, global healthcare awareness is essential. 

Even though rotating abroad (as a medical student or as a resident) can be daunting because of the costs involved, fear of  interacting with new cultures or simply lack of inadequate information, the benefits are greater. 


Benefits of International Clinical Experiences

1. Learning About Different Healthcare Systems

You might be planning to establish your career in your own country but you can’t cancel out the possibility of changes in your healthcare system. It is important to get content and perspective from patients and physicians in different legal healthcare structures.

2. Expanding Your Horizons 

Undertaking your clinical rotation abroad will give you consciousness to other cultures. And how cultural backgrounds and beliefs in traditional medicine and witchcraft affect healthcare delivery.

3. Exposure to a wider variety of illnesses.

You are likely to come across illnesses and clinical conditions that are not you would probably not see in your country, hospital, school or region. In East Africa you will come across tropical diseases such as malaria, cholera, yellow fever et cetera.

4. Improve Self Confidence

It's a bold step to meet new people and get immersed in a culture different to your own. This naturally boosts your confidence.

5. Communication Skills 

Language barrier might seem to be a great hindrance to healthcare delivery, but it isn’t. Undertaking international clinical rotations makes you realize the importance of  nonverbal communication and body language in patient care.

6. Builds Professional Network

Your network is your net worth. Travelling enables you to meet and share memories with different people leading to the blossoming of professional relationships across the globe.

7. Travel and Unwinding 

If it’s experiencing a safari experience in Tanzania’s Serengeti, or walking inside the archaic Poetugues architecture in the Fort Jesus - Mombasa, Kenya. These are experiences that will last with you a lifetime. 


The chance to contribute your skills and knowledge for the greater good is humbling. The opportunity to explore different cultures and witness how healthcare practitioners in under resourced areas deliver healthcare under often difficult conditions. 

Over the last 18years, Elective Africa has spent years cultivating relationships with clinics and hospitals in East Africa so as to open opportunities to interested students willing to undertake electives abroad.

Remember, if circumstances don't work out while you're a student, you can still work overseas later in your career.

by Elective Africa

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